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Our Story

What do an experienced trained chef and and an events & logistics specialist have in common? BARBECUE!

BUTT BROTHERS BBQ was established in early 2023, over a smoked pork shoulder, when two friends realized that they shared the foundations of a top notch catering & event provider - experience, science and a passion for smoked meats.

With a career in shipping and a past in event rentals, design & set-up, Chris Butt would spend his free time perfecting his seasoning and smoking methods. Friends and family were the recipients of his labors of love, and the reviews were 'outstanding'!

And after 45+ years in the restaurant and catering businesses (35 at the Iconic Washington Platform Saloon & Restaurant in Downtown Cincinnati), Jonny Butt was ready for a new chapter, but wanted to continue on with his love of catering and events.

It was a match made in heaven!

Together they have crafted a menu of mouth watering, smoked & slow roasted meats, fresh salad & tasty side dishes designed to be taken to the people.

So, next time you want a full service catering featuring some of the best food on wheels, give us a call!

Bringing our love of smoked meats & good eats to the Cincinnati streets!